Cooling off period 
The Client will have a 14-day period from paying the 50% deposit, within which she is free to terminate the contract and receive a full refund of the deposit paid.

Start Date

Upon receipt of deposit and expiry of cooling-off period, Timesmith will confirm a Start Date for the Work and propose dates for any fittings. The Start Date marks the beginning of the block of time reserved in the order book for this commission, including research/design consultations whether in person or by phone/video, pattern drafting and making mock-ups.

Supplies Deadline
It will be agreed in advance who will provide fabrics and any other supplies particular to the Work. If it will be the Client, then Timesmith needs to receive, and confirm suitability, of all such supplies as agreed at least 7 days before the Start Date. This is the Supplies Deadline. Alternatively, it may be agreed for the Client to pay a further sum to cover fabrics and, trims, to be sourced and obtained by Timesmith within a timeframe to be agreed prior to the Cutting Date. This amount will be costed and quoted in advance and, once orders have been placed, cannot be refunded.

Unless agreed otherwise, Timesmith will provide sundry supplies such as suitable sewing threads, notions, standard linings, etc.

Cutting Date
This is the date that Timesmith will begin the Work itself, after the Client has approved a satisfactory mock-up. Timesmith will confirm this date to the Client in advance.

Fitting Date(s)

Depending on the garment(s) comprising the Work, appointments for fitting of the Work in progress will be scheduled by mutual agreement. 24 hour notice must be given for cancellation of a fitting appointment, whether by the Client or by Timesmith. A new date should be agreed within 1 week of the original appointment, bearing in mind the proximity of any subsequent fitting dates and the agreed Completion Date.

Completion date

The date the Work will be completed and ready for collection/delivery pending final fitting and any minor final adjustments.

PLEASE NOTE: Cutting of fabrics for the Work will not commence until a satisfactory toile or mock-up has been signed off with the client, usually after a personal fitting.  Alternatively, the Client may expressly either
(1) dispense with a mock up being made, or
(2) waive the right to a personal fitting of any mock-up that has been made.
In either case, the Client understands and agrees that the Work may commence as if approval had been granted and that no refund is possible.

Collection / Delivery

The Work will only be released to the Client once full payment has cleared AND the Client has confirmed satisfaction with the garment, either by personal appointment/inspection at a final fitting, or in writing by expressly waiving the right to final inspection and/or fitting. 

The Client is welcome to collect the Work, once completed, by appointment at a time to be agreed between the parties. A final fitting should take place at this time but can be waived in writing.

Alternatively, the Work can be posted to the Client using a tracked postal or courier service, once safe receipt of the final payment has been confirmed and the Client has provided a waiver in respect of final fitting and inspection. Timesmith will advise the Client when the Work can be expected to be delivered; this date can be adjusted at the client’s request on reasonable notice.

Termination / Refunds

Within 14 days of paying the deposit monies (during the Cooling-off Period), the Client may terminate this contract in writing and receive a full refund of deposit funds paid.

After the Cooling-off Period but before the Cutting Date, the Client may terminate this contract and receive a 75% refund of deposit funds paid. Timesmith will retain 25% to cover consultation time and to compensate for any loss incurred as a consequence of the cancelled time slot in the order book.

Any monies paid in advance (and held separately from the deposit paid in respect of the Work) relating to specific fabrics, trims, notions or other supplies to be procured by Timesmith (rather than the Client) are refundable in full up to the Cutting Date.

After the Cutting Date, no refunds are possible.

If payment in full is not received within 30 days after the Completion Date (unless agreed by both parties in advance of the Completion Date), Timesmith is entitled to retain possession of any and all Work, completed or otherwise, and to sell any or all to another party.


The Client must confirm satisfaction with the completed Work either at the final fitting and collection appointment.

If the Work has been posted rather than collected personally, then the Client must inform Timesmith of any defect or damage, in writing, with 2 days of the date that a signature has confirmed safe delivery of the Work. Full details and evidence e.g. photos of the defect or damage should be included in this notification.